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T-Body Kit

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25kV 600 Amp Rated Deadbreak Bolted Elbow Termination System

The Hubbell Power Systems 600 A 25kV rated Bolted Elbow Deadbreak Termination System is designed to terminate medium voltage UD cable to switchgear, transformers, sectionalizing cabinets and UD vault applications. It is fully compliant with IEEE-386 Standard and mates with bushing components that also comply with the IEEE-386 Standard. The Bolted Elbow system is comprised of a standard 600 amp t-body, an unthreaded compression lug, a cable adapter and a basic insulating plug with cap. The t-body can be ordered with or without a capacitive test point.

Bolted Elbow systems provide an economical means of terminating cable in applications where the visible open and ground will be achieved through the use of an internal switch and viewing window. In addition, it can be combined with other Bolted Elbow kits and/or deadbreak junctions to construct a multi-way separable splice.

600 amp Deadbreak 25kV Class Ratings
Description Ratings
Operating Voltage
Maximum line-to-ground
Impulse withstand 1.2 x 50 μsec
Withstand Voltage
AC One Minute
DC Fifteen Minute
Corona Extinction Level @
3pC Sensitivity
Continuous Current 600 amp
24 Hour Overload 1,000 A rms
Momentary Current
25 kA rms sym. for 0.17 sec
10 kA rms sym. for 3.0 sec
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Ordering Information

Deadbreak Bolted Elbow Component Items:

Description Catalog Number
Tee-Body with Test Point with Aluminum Stud 625TBT
Tee-Body without Test Point with Aluminum Stud 625TB
Aluminum Insulating Plug with Cap 625BIP
Aluminum Insulating Plug with Cap and Aluminum Stud 625BIPS
5/8" - 11 UNC Threaded Aluminum Stud 625SA
Cable Adapter 625CAW
Aluminum Compression Connector 625LUGXX

EXAMPLE: The part number for Bolted Elbow Kit with a Test Point for 500 Stranded, 260 MIL Cable with an Insulation Diameter of 1.415" is: 625BTM33T.

The kit components include:

  • T-body (test point optional)
  • Cable adapter
  • Compression lug
  • Basic insulating plug w/cap
  • Conversion stud
  • Installation instructions
  • Lubrication
  • Jacket Seal Kit (Optional)
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