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  1. Cable Adapter - Molded of peroxide cured EPDM rubber. Designed to accept specified cable insulation diameters. Radial pressure exerted on the cable insulation by the cable adapter precludes the presence of corona causing air voids along the cable adapter and cable insulation interface. The outside diameter of the cable adapter is constant for all cable adapter sizes.
  2. Compression Connector -Aluminum (600 amp). Sized for the specific conductor size. Crimped with standard tools and dies.
  3. Test Point -Designed to allow voltage indication when readout is made with suitable high impedance measuring devices. Elbows are available with and without this feature.
  4. Insulating Plug Cap -Molded of conductive peroxide cured EPDM rubber providing a continuous outer shield for the elbow. Snaps tightly over the test point and onto the elbow body.
  5. Epoxy Insulating Plug -Hex nut located on top of the insulating plug is used to tighten the plug when assembling the elbow.
  6. Hex Nut -One-inch hex head is used to tighten the connection. Can also be used as a capacitive test point. See #3 above.
  7. Molded External Shield -Conductive abrasion-resistant shield of peroxide cured EPDM rubber. Provides ground shield continuity and meets the requirements of IEEE Standard 592.
  8. Drain Wire Tab -Designed to accept a single #14 AWG copper wire that can be inserted into the eye. Provides a static ground to ensure deadfront construction.
  9. Stress Relief Cone -Designed into the cable adapter providing electrical stress relief at the point of terminating the power cable shield. Controls the electrical field entering the elbow.
  10. EPDM Insulation -Peroxide cured EPDM rubber.
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