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Electrical Ratings MEET OR EXCEEDS
IEEE STANDARD 386-latest revision
Continuous Current Rating
(Aluminum Components)
600 amps
Voltage Class 25kV
Max Phase to Ground
Voltage - Operating Voltage
Max Phase to Phase 26.3kV
Basic Impulse Level
Corona Extinction
AC Withstand
Voltage (1 min.)
DC Withstand
Voltage (15 min.)
24 Hour Overload 1,000 A rms
Short Time 25,000 A rms symmetrical for 0.17 sec.
10,000 A rms symmetrical for 3.00 sec.
100% Production Test  
Corona (3pC) 19kV
AC Withstand (1 min.) 40kV

The Hubbell 600 amp Deadbreak Elbow and accessories offer an easy and reliable method of terminating and splicing main feeder circuits. The Deadbreak Elbow is a fully shielded, molded rubber connector.

The Deadbreak Elbow is designed to terminate power cables with copper or aluminum conductors ranging in sizes from #2 AWG to 1250 kcmil. It may be installed on any 600 amp rated (aluminum) apparatus bushing that meets IEEE Standard 386 latest revision for Separable Insulated Connectors. Cable adapters accommodate power cable insulation diameters from 0.530 to 1.935 inches.


The Hubbell Deadbreak Elbow has been designed and tested to meet the requirement of IEEE Standard 386. Conformance to this industry standard ensures mechanical and electrical interchangeability with other products of manufacturers that are also in conformance with the standard.

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