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Modular Splicing Kits

# of
600 amp
Catalog No.
with test
point A
without test
point B
1 625L1T 625L1
2 625L2T 625L2
3 625L3T 625L3
4 625L4T 625L4

The Hubbell Style 600 amp Deadbreak Elbow can also be used to splice power cables by assembling multiple elbows using epoxy accessory products.

To order Modular Splicing Kits, simply build your catalog number using the table below.

To order Hubbell Modular Splicing kits you must first specify the splicing application by selecting the Splicing Code that represents your application.

Example: The application requires a separable connector with test point between two 25kV, 500kcmil power cables. Referring to the table below, the splicing code to be used is "2".

The basic Catalog Number will be 625L_. By inserting the splice code, "2" immediately following the "L" in the basic catalog number, the catalog number to order is a 625L2. All "non-size" sensitive components will be included in the kit when ordering. Therefore, you must order individually the "size sensitive" components. These are the Compression Connector (625L_ _) for aluminum and copper cable conductors and a Cable Adapter (625CA_).

The Compression Connector and Cable Adapter are selected by including the appropriate insulator code and/or connector size. The quantity of Compression Connectors and Cable Adapters should be the same as the number of elbows found in the splicing code table if you are making a kit. THESE COMPONENTS MUST BE ORDERED SEPARATELY FROM THE BASIC MODULAR SPLICE CATALOG NUMBER TO MAKE A KIT.

Cable Insulation Diameter
Code "W"
Inches mm
Min. Max. Min. Max.
E .530 ,680 13.5 17.3
F .640 .820 16.3 20.8
G .760 .950 19.3 24.1
H .850 1.050 21.6 26.7
J .980 1.180 24.9 30.0
K 1.090 1.310 27.7 33.3
L 1.180 1.465 30.0 37.2
LM 1.280 1.430 32.5 36.3
M 1.370 1.630 34.8 41.4
N 1.515 1.780 38.5 45.2
P 1.725 1.935 43.8 49.1
Conductor Code Chart
Conductor Code "X" Concentric Compressed Compact Solid
22 #2 #1
23 #1 1/0
24 1/0 2/0
25 2/0 3/0
26 3/0 4/0
27 4/0 250
28 250 300
29 300 350
30 350 400
31 400 450
32 450 500/550
33 500 600
34 550 650
35 600 700
36 650 750
38 700/750 900
39 800
40 900 1000
41 1000
44 1250

NOTE: To order 15/16" threaded lugs for use with LRTP kits, order 625LUG _ _ T using the sizes in Table X5.

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Reducing Tap Well (RTW)

The Reducing Tap Well provides a method to connect a 200 amp loadbreak or deadbreak molded rubber elbow to a 600 amp deadbreak elbow. This can be accomplished by replacing the Basic Insulating Plug with a Reducing Tap Well and an appropriate bushing well insert. Wrench holes are provided to tighten the Reducing Tap Well into a 600 amp deadbreak elbow by using a standard spanner wrench.

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Connecting Plug (CP)

The Connecting Plug is required exclusively for applications involving the joining or connecting of two or more molded 600 amp elbows. The Connecting Plug incorporates a straight through aluminum bus for the transfer of current between the mating 600 amp elbows. Wrench holes are provided to tighten the Connecting Plug into a 600 amp Deadbreak Elbow by using a standard spanner wrench.

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Basic Insulating Plug (BIP)

The Basic Insulating Plug is a key component of every Hubbell 600 amp Deadbreak Elbow Kit, whether for applications requiring cable connections to switchgear or transformers or splicing applications utilizing the Hubbell multipurpose junction offering up to six connecting positions. The Basic Insulating Plug is required to secure the molded rubber 600 amp elbow in place. The one-inch hex located on top of the Basic Insulating Plug doubles as a means of tightening the molded rubber elbow on to its mating part and also as a capacitive test point.

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Insulating Cap (IC)

The 600 amp insulating cap isolates unused 600 amp interfaces. It is insulated and fully shielded to provide submersible protection for energized 15 and 25kV deadbreak interfaces. To avoid low-energy discharge from the outer conductive shield, the 36" long braided lead wire should be grounded. The insulating cap meets IEEE 386 and is rated for both 15 and 25kV.

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Bushing Extender (BE)

The bushing extender is used to increase the distance between the 600 amp bushing interface and the 600 amp T-body elbow. The extender is insulated and shielded to protect deadfront integrity. The bushing extender is rated for both 15 and 25kV and fully complies with IEEE 386.

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Bushing Adapter (BA)

The Bushing Adapter provides a means to reduce a 600 amp bushing to a 200 amp loadbreak interface. The BA is fault close rated for 10,000 amps and complies with IEEE Std. 386. The BA is available in both 15kV and 25kV ratings.

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Insulated Parking Bushing (SOP)

The 25kV Insulated Parking Bushing meets the full requirements of the IEEE 386 specification. The bushing provides a single deadbreak interface used to isolate and sectionalize an energized cable.

The Insulated Parking Bushing is designed to be installed in the parking stand mounted on a transformer or other device. A grounding lug is provided on the bracket for attachment of a ground wire.

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Grounding Bushing (GB)

The 25kV grounding bushing provides a single deadbreak interface used to achieve a visible ground on de-energized cables. The GB meets the requirements of IEEE Std. 386 and is available in either an aluminum or copper version.

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Seal Kits (SK)

Seal Kits provide a means to breakout the cable shield and seal the cable jacket utilizing cold-shrink tubes and mastic. Two versions are offered, one for concentric neutral and the other for copper-tape shielded cables.

Part Number Description Min. Cable O.D. Max. Cable O.D.
625SK52 For Concentric Neutral Cable 0.95" 1.94"
625SK53 For Concentric Neutral Cable 1.28" 2.67"
625SK59 For Copper Tape Shields 0.59" 1.05"
625SK60 For Copper Tape Shields 0.83" 1.64"
625SK61 For Copper Tape Shields 1.27" 2.17"
625SK62 For Copper Tape Shields 1.70" 2.60"
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Elbow Tap Plug (ETP)

The 600 amp Elbow Tap Plug is designed to add a 200 amp Interface devise to an existing 600 amp deadbreak interface body. It is ideal for retrofitting an existing bolt-elbow elbow with a 200 amp tap or for new applications. A common application is for testing and grounding 600 amp systems. The ETP is fault close rated to 10,000 amps and complies with the IEEE 386 Standard. The ETP is available in both 15 and 25kV ratings, as well as 600 amp current rating.

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Loadbreak Reducing Tap Plug (LRTP)

The 600 amp LRTP is designed to tap a 200 amp loadbreak interface device to an existing 600 amp deadbreak using a bolted connection. A common application is for grounding and isolating 600 amp systems. The LRTP is fault-close rated to 10,000 amps and complies with IEEE 386. The LRTP is available in both 15 and 25kV ratings.

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