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Quick–Link Bushings

The Quick-Link rod is threaded to allow easy removal and installation.

This view shows the bottom 2-hole NEMA terminal connector / Quick-Link mechanism. Note the two rows of multiple connectors that provide hundreds of connection points for virtually zero temperature rise at full-rated current.

The High Current Cost Cutting Alternative to Draw–Lead or Bottom–Connected Bushings

In the past, Utility Engineers and Transformer Design Engineers were faced with a choice of either bottom-connected bushings (with current capability of 1200 amperes or more) or draw-lead type bushings (limited to 400 or 800 amperes). In applications where current levels were below 400 or 800 amps, the engineer would choose the draw-lead type bushing which allowed simpler and quicker installation and removal. This often would permit transportation and installation of the transformer "oil-filled", saving thousands of dollars. The PCORE Quick-Link Bushing ( Patented ) allows the best of both worlds with the convenience of a draw-lead bushing and the current capability of a bottom-connected, currently (2000 amps).

  • High current capability of 2000 amperes
  • Installation and removal similar to "draw-lead" type bushings
  • Proven multiple contact connector transferring current from the bottom terminal to the bushing conductor
  • PCORE Quick-Link Bushing mechanism can withstand short circuit current of up to 25 times the rated current
  • The Quick-Link system has proven to maintain its full rating after more than 500 operations
  • The Quick-Link mechanism has no internal connections which could become loose or overheat
  • Installation is made by simply connecting the rod and pulling through the bushing
  • No special tools or specific torque values are required. Overall bushing diameter is reduced because the current is carried by the bushing rather than a draw-lead or draw-rod.
  • The Quick-Link rod is much lighter than typical draw-leads or draw-rods, making installation and removal more convenient.

The PCORE Quick-Link Bushing has a unique design that transfers the current from the bottom terminal to the bushing. This means that PCORE Quick-Link Bushings have the same small diameter as a standard bottom-connected bushing of the same current rating. The bottom connector is a proven multiple contact design that provides safe, reliable operation during short circuit current, up to 25 times the rated current even after more than 500 operations. The PCORE Quick-Link Bushing has a one-piece conductor that carries the current and a lightweight, two-piece Quick-Link rod that makes installation and removal easy. No special tools are required for removal or installation.

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