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Bushing Repair Service

Bottom-End terminal on 18,000 amp, 25 kV bushing.

Upper porcelain with graded core less lower porcelain.

Conductive ink moves from conductive layer (A) to insulating layer (B) within bushing core.

Capacitance–graded core with top and bottom terminals. Bushing disassembly nearly complete. Final step: unwind old paper from conductor


A specially designated Bushing Repair Group, with its own facilities and years of experience, will keep turnaround times to a minimum.

Bushings sent in for repair are rebuilt to the same high-quality standards that PCORE has for new bushings, complete with the same warranty terms!

With our program, savings up to 60% of the cost of a new bushing can be realized!


Typical bushing repairs:

  • Regasketing
  • Core Replacement
  • Stud Replacement
  • Minor Porcelain Repair (if other manufacturers' bushing)


  1. A certificate showing PCB content of the oil in each bushing by manufacturer, catalog number, and serial numbers sent to PCORE.
  2. PCORE return authorization number is assigned to each bushing by manufacturer's name, catalog number, and serial number. Return authorization number needs to be noted on the bushing crate. Contact your local PCORE agent or the factory. Note: Customer is responsible for freight both ways unless otherwise negotiated.
  3. Once returned bushing is at PCORE, we:
    • Evaluate to determine extent of repair and feasibility.
    • Advise customer of same and identify actual repair charge.
    • Obtain customer approval to proceed with bushing repair.
    • If determined bushing is not repairable or customer disapproves proposed repair, a charge will be assessed for the bushing evaluation.
  4. Following repair of a bushing, ANSI standard routine production tests and/or measurements will be made on the bushing as follows:
    • Leak check by internal pressurization
    • 1-minute dry withstand voltage
    • Power factor
    • Capacitance
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