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Electro Composites

Electro Composites manufactures high voltage composite-type condenser bushings for applications up to 170kV.

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PCORE Electric

Headquartered in LeRoy, NY, PCORE is North America's only entity 100% focused on the manufacturing of capacitance-graded bushings, and related components for transformers and oil circuit breakers in the ANSI and CSA marketplace.

PCORE is a leading provider of capacitance-graded bushings (POC, PRC, GSU and Quick-Link), PCORE Test Terminals and Bushing Repair for the electric utility industry and its equipment suppliers.

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Located in Goldsboro, North Carolina and an affiliate of PCORE Electric, Reuel is an established international leader in the manufacture of electrical equipment. Reuel manufactures cycloaliphatic epoxy molded insulators, bushings, and specialty products for medium voltage electrical equipment; and substations; and padmounted switchgear for medium voltage power distribution.

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