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Expanding & Tamping Bar

The Chance fiberglass handle Expanding and Tamping Bar simplifies the job of expanding anchors. The curved Expander and Tamper Head distributes the weight of the bar evenly around the anchor rod to reduce handle vibration. The hook of the Expanding and Tamping Bar wraps around the anchor rod to keep the expanding head from slipping off the anchor top plate. This tool is also effectively used for tamping in soil above the installed anchor. The base casting is attached directly to the fiberglass handle.

Cat. No. Description Length Weight
C3020003 Expanding & Tamping Bar 10' 22 lb.
C3020004 Expanding & Tamping Bar 12' 24 lb.
*E3020001P Fiberglass Handle 10' 7 lb.
*E3020006P Fiberglass Handle 12' 8 lb.
P3020002P Expander and Tamper Head N/A 14 lb.
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