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SS225 [23,000 ft. lb. rating]

Square-Shaft "SS" multi-helix screw anchors are designed for heavy-guy loading. They have 2.25" square steel shafts. Extension shafts must be coupled to the helix section for installation to the proper depth. For installation tool options, see catalog Section 4A.

SS screw anchors consist of three galvanized components: the lead section, the extension shaft, which includes an integral coupling, and the guy adapter. Extensions and guy adapters include a high-strength bolt and nut.

Typical working torque is 23,000 ft.-lb. and minimum ultimate tension strength is 200,000 lb. Note: Ultimate strength ratings apply to properly installed anchors only. Failure to install within 5° of alignment with the guy load will significantly lower strength.

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HIGH-STRENGTH SS ANCHORS for Heavy Tension Loading

High-Strength SS Anchors for Heavy Tension Loading

Ordering Information


Mechanical Properties 2.25" Square Shaft
Max. Installation Torque 23,000 ft.-lb.
Min. Ultimate Tension Strength 200,000 lb.


Helix Configuration Galv. L1
6", 8" & 10" C1100543 54"
8", 10" & 12" C1100544 75"
14", 14" & 14" C1100545 114"
8", 10", 12" & 14" C1100591 115"
ROCK-IT™ Square Shaft Lead Sections includes forged carbide tip to improve penetration
8", 10" & 12" C1101298 79"


Helix Configuration Galv. L2
None C1100645 40"
None C1100646 60"
None C1100647 80"
Single 14" helix C1100650 39"
Twin 14" helices C1100652 78"

Catalog No. Description
P0011771P Bolt used with SS225 Extension
056292P Nut used with SS225 Extension


Adapters Galv. Notes L3
Thimpleye Adapter - - -
Twineye® Adapter - - -
Tripleye® Adapter - - -
Ovaleye Adapter - - -
Threaded Adapter - - -
Chain Shackle C1100558 L4=2-3/8" 9"
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