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Pole Key

Quicker Installing, More Efficient Than Wood Key

The Chance Pole Key can be used to reinforce poles in soft soils where the load is unbalanced and the pole must resist the load. However, it is recommended that Pole Keys only be used where a proper guy wire and guy anchor cannot be used, since a guy and anchor will generally provide more resistance to lateral movement. The Pole Keys will not withstand the same load, or perform as well a proper guy and anchor.

The Chance Pole Key can be installed next to the distribution pole butt to help hold it in place against light overturning loads such as service drops, prevailing winds or small line angles.

The additional lateral load and resulting overturning moment which can be resisted by Pole Keys depends on the height of the load, the locations of the Pole Keys, the allowable lateral deflection of the pole at ground line and the quality of the installation.

The % capacity increase shown in the table is based on analyses that used 2" lateral deflection at the ground line as the upper capacity limit.

Catalog Number Width Expanded Blade Width Area Expanded Approx. Weight
*P4817 27 1/4" 7" 276 sq. in. 24 1/2 lb.
Pole Height and Class % Capacity Increase by adding two Pole Keys
35' Cl 5 30
40' CL 4 24
60' Cl 3 13


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