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Tough One / PISA Anchors

This anchor system consists of a screw anchor, galvanized anchor rod and galvanized eyenut. They are installed using a digger truck with the Chance anchoring tool system.

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SS (Square-Shaft) Anchors

Square-Shaft "SS" multi-helix screw anchors are designed for heavy-guy loading. Extension shafts must be coupled to the helix section for installation to the proper depth. SS screw anchors consist of three galvanized components: the lead section, the extension shaft and the guy adapter.

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Anchor Rods

Available for one, two, or three guys for use with expanding and cross-plate anchors. Thimbleye®, Twineye® and Tripleye® rods distribute pulling stresses uniformly over individual strands of guy wire and keep the guy wire from spreading, kinking, or bending. Nuts included.

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Anchoring Tools

Chance offers a complete line of power installed screw anchor tooling including torque indicators, pulling eyes, tamping bars and portable anchor installers.

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Helical Foundations

Chance has more than 45 years of research, engineering, product development and testing to provide state of the art power-installed foundations products. Chance power installed, screw-type foundation system helps reduce costs associated with labor, materials, equipment and more importantly saves time.

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Corrosion-Resistant Anchors

The Chance corrosion-resistant disc anchor is designed for low resistivity, alkaline and acidic soils with electrolyte combinations. This anchoring system includes disk anchor, galvanized rod protected with plastic tube and fiberglass washer.

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"Bust" Expanding Anchor

Chance "Bust" Expanding Anchors expand to take full advantage of the available area. All eight blades wedge into undisturbed earth . . . there is no wasted space between blades.

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Cross-Plate Anchor

The Cross-Plate anchor is made for installation in holes drilled by power diggers. Because the size of the hole does not affect holding capacity, the hole can be dug by the same auger that is used to dig the pole holes on transmission projects.

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No-Wrench Anchor

Chance No-Wrench Screw Anchors may be installed by hand or machine. The Thimbleye® eye or Tripleye® eye on the rod has a large opening to admit a turning bar for screwing the anchor down.

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Rock Anchors

Traditional wedge style rock anchors and grouted rock anchors are available. The wedge anchor expands and wedges against solid walls of rock. Once it is expanded, the harder the pull on the rod-the tighter it wedges. Grouted anchors can be used in solid or broken rock. Rod should be in line with the guy.

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Pole Support Products

Pole Support Products such as Pole Keys and Bearing Plates help provide lateral or vertical pole movement.

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RR (Round-Rod) Anchors

The Round-Rod "RR" multi-helix anchors are used in areas where weak soil conditions exist and moderate holding capacities are required. Extension shafts are required for installation to proper depth. RR screw anchors consist of three galvanized components: Lead section, extension shaft, and the guy adapter.

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Bumper Post

Protect transformers, switchgear and guys. Any equipment needing bumper protection is an ideal candidate. Cheaper than concrete. Hot-dip galvanized corrosion-resistant finish.

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